Rich Lehman

RICH LEHMAN: Drums and Vocals

Rich Lehman began playing professionally at the age of 13, and continued into high school, winning various talent shows and “Battle of the Bands” competitions. Moving on to college at Virginia Tech, he teamed up with Mike LaBarre in a band called “Outrage.” This popular party band played “classic” rock ranging from Grand Funk Railroad to The Knack.

Rich played briefly as a fill-in drummer with Ragdoll, a local hard rock band. From there, he did a brief stint with the speed metal band Malevil, then on to Naked Reign, a band that played original rock ‘n’ roll, but with a heavy emphasis on blues, The band developed and maintained a significant regional following until its sudden demise. After Naked Reign, Rich performed for a while with Chapter 11, a band that included Outrage bassist LaBarre and    former “Battle of the Bands” rival Chris Buerkley.

Shortly afterward, Rich had basically discontinued playing professionally. However, in 1997, he along with former band mates Buerkley and LaBarre decided to forge a different musical direction and form a Funk band. This quartet would soon become SoulerCoaster, a band that realized a 14-year career as one of the premiere variety cover bands in the mid-Atlantic region.

Now, Rich brings his talent and many years of drumming success to The Groove Motive; where his impeccable sense of timing, technical excellence and musicianship contribute to the unique signature sound of The Groove Motive’s “groove”.

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